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As ICT technology continues to evolve, cyber threats against corporations and government bodies also are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. To respond to these threats swiftly and effectively, managed security service with expert and professional experience is needed. Businesses can effectively respond to cyber security threats and ensure a safe environment to deliver services through our managed security service.
The managed security service collects logs and events that occur on various security systems to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks. SK infosec is Korea’s No.1 managed security service provider (MSSP) with years of experience in the managed security service, protecting corporate business environments 24/7, 365 days a year.


Korea’s No.1 Managed Security Service

Korea’s No.1 Managed Security Service

  • Our Extensive experience in managed security service (MSS) providing for over 2,000 corporations in public, office, communication, finance, education, and other business sectors
  • Owns MSS framework
  • Has the certified, self-developed MSS methodology (ISMM)
Professional Managed Security Service

Professional Managed Security Service

  • Houses the largest number of experts to respond to security breach incidents and provide MSS in the industry
  • Has manpower for breach incident response (TOP-CERT)
  • Ability to provide knowledge services through a project management organization (Virtual PMO)
  • Detailed response analysis of security breach incidents via special forensic devices
Integrated management of security solutions

Integrated management of security solutions

  • Provides an operating system based on MSS
  • Provides failure monitoring and management system

Security Operations Center “Secudium Center”

The security operations center “Secudium Center”, which concentrates its
efforts on the capabilities of SK Infosec, performs the key
functions of the Secudium Platform.

Secudium Center is an security operations center that concentrates its efforts on cyber security event analysis and threat detection capabilities of Secudium and security know-how of SK infosec, the No. 1 information security company in Korea.

Secudium Center collects logs from about 5,200 devices linked with customers and processes about four billion cases per day, as well as monitors and responds to security threats and cyber security incidents in real time.

The security operations center, Secudium Center is operated 24/365 for corporate customers who have difficulty operating their own MSS centers, even though security threats are continuously increasing.

  • 24/365

    Operated MSS

  • 5,200 ea.

    Devices linked
    in real-time

  • 4 billion events

    Processed daily

Key services

Remote MSS
Remote MSS
Based on our global level SOC(Security Operations Center) “Secudium Center”, we install and synchronize security solutions required for the client, and provide security breach prevention solutions, conduct monitoring and analysis, respond to threats, create reports, and conduct other MSS activities remotely. Businesses can respond to cyber threats accurately and swiftly at an economical price without having to establish a separate system or use an additional team of experts.
On-Site MSS
On-Site MSS
Experts in security monitoring are dispatched to provide optimized MSS, assisting corporations to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and security system. It resides inside the company and accurately analyzes and monitors the operating environment and system to provide security control service optimized for the company.
Hybrid MSS
Hybrid MSS
A service that integrates on-site and remote MSS, the hybrid MSS provides extensive resources on potential threats as collected from the integrated SOC along with an analysis from security experts.
Cloud MSS
Cloud MSS
Provides security breach prevention activities, monitoring and analysis, responses, reporting, and other MSS for security solutions in various cloud settings. Corporations can effectively respond to cyber threats through services that are as fast and precise as on-premise set-ups, protecting in-house systems as well as systems set up in the cloud.
The Certified cloud managed security platform and a team of global security experts (EQST) provide MSS including real time threat detection, monitoring, and alerts that are necessary for AWS WAF MSS.
  • SK infosec allies with VinCSS, an information security subsidiary of Vingroup in Vietnam
  • - Established strategic partnership with VinCSS, an information security subsidiary of Vingroup, to develop the information security market in Vietnam. SK infosec announced on the 20th that it had signed a strategic partnership agreement for cooperation on information security business on the 19th, with the participation of Lee Yong-Hwan, CEO of SK infosec and Trac, CEO of VinCSS, at 81 Tower, Vingroup’s landmark, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. VinCSS is an information security subsidiary of Vingroup, the largest private company group in Vietnam. It is expanding its business to the domestic market in Vietnam, based on the information security business of the affiliates of Vingroup. Furthermore, VinCSS also plans to expand its business to neighboring Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. The agreement was made owing to a coincidence of interests between the two companies, as SK infosec is trying to expand the global market while Vin CSS is striving to become the top information security company in Vietnam. Recently, the Vietnamese government has been increasing investment in information security amid ever increasing calls for greater security among financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. Accordingly, the two companies expect great synergy between SK infosec, which specializes in the information security business, and Vingroup, which has secured a business network in various fields. SK infosec plans to establish its data management platform, Secudium, at the VinCSS security center by the end of this year, and to provide technology transfer, training, control operation, and sales know-how. VinCSS will provide information security services to about 30 affiliates of Vingroup and secure local customers in Vietnam, based on the establishment of the platform.
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  • SK infosec expands its business front line to Japan…Joined hands with Sompo, Japan's No. 1 insurance
  • SK infosec announced on the 27th that it signed a partnership agreement primarily regarding security service business launching and cooperation in Japan on the evening of the 26th at the Sompo’s main office located in Tokyo, Japan, with both companies’ interested parties participating including Ahn Heechul, infosec’s CEO, and Yasushi Fuse, CEO of Sompo Risk Care Management (hereafter referred to as “Sompo Risk Care”). As the interests of SK infosec, which aims to expand its business front line to the global market, coincided with those of Sompo, which aims to develop information security, the contract between the two parties was concluded. The two companies estimated that it was the right time to enter the market, as interest in cyber security in Japan is on the rise due to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, as well as the crypto currency exchange “Coincheck” hacking incident at the beginning of the year which caused a massive loss for many. Under the agreement, the two companies will do their part in sales, marketing, and security service management in Japan. Sompo Risk Care will start managed security services (MSS) and vulnerability assessment service sales throughout Japan, first launching in the Tokyo area. SK infosec will provide each service remotely from security operation center (SOC) located in Korea. Unlike other insurance companies that sell cyber security insurance by approaching security from the viewpoint of damage assessment, Sompo Risk Care will give priority to security service businesses when performing its sales activities. About Sompo Risk Care Management Sompo Risk Care Management was formed in 1997 as a strategic risk management company backed by abundant experience and expertise accumulated over the years as a Safety Engineering unit of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
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Remote MSS
  • Customer information and assets are safely protected by detecting security events and analyzing cyber security threats based on the Secudium Platform.
    Customer information and assets are safely protected by detecting security events and analyzing cyber security threats based on the Secudium Platform.