CEO’s Greetings

SK infosec newly defines security in the era of New ICT Industry 」

Welcome to SK infosec’s homepage!

SK infosec first began as an information security venture corporation in June 2000. Since its inception, it has expanded its expertise to include Managed Security Services, consulting, and solutions/SI to become the leader in the security industry in Korea.

Now, SK infosec faces a new challenge in the era of digital transformation as the topic of security and safety has garnered much-deserved attention.

As a member of SK ICT Family, we are focusing on developing and defining the next chapter of integrative security in this new ICT area.

To do so, we are actively incorporating and acquiring technologies in AI, big data, and IoT, as well as fostering partnerships and collaborations within the industry.

With your support and encouragement, the path SK infosec takes will become the foundation of the future of integrative security.

Thank you.

SK infosec CEO

Lee Yong-Hwan