Security Expert Group | EQST

EQST (Experts, Qualified Security Team) is a group of the most knowledgeable, experienced experts in the area of cyber threat analysis and research. EQST focuses on research as well as incident response, Strategic Hacking, assessment vulnerability assessment, and security intelligence activities; the accumulated knowledge of the EQST means Secudium can predict, detect, and analyze sophisticated threats. The detailed activities of the EQST can be found in the monthly analysis report, “EQST Insight.”

Research Area

Incident Response

On-site analysis and design of measures for actual security breaches.

Strategic Hacking

Penetration testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Security vulnerability assessment

Threat Intelligence

Collaborates with Global CTA (Cyber Threat Alliance) to collect information and thereat intelligence

  • SK infosec concentrates its high-tech capabilities to strength response to intelligent threats
  • SK infosec announced on the 23rd that it has officially launched its security expert group “EQST”, which integrates high-tech experts in the information security field such as CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and strategy hacking into a single organization. EQST stands for "Experts, Qualified Security Team” and implies the top-level security experts who are proven experts in the area of cyber threat analysis and research. EQST is composed of three teams, the “security expert team”, “CERT”, and the “strategic hacking team.” The “security expert team” studies security threats such as vulnerabilities and attack patterns, the “CERT” is a team dispatched to the actual security incident site to investigate the cause and establish countermeasures, and the “strategic hacking team” manages penetration testing. EQST puts an emphasis on security threat research, in addition to the implementation of existing business such as responding to security incidents and penetration testing. EQST converts security threat patterns collected from actual business implementation into knowledge management (KM), traces cyber attackers, studies the vulnerability of software both home and abroad, analyzes and responds to new malicious codes, and studies new hacking techniques and countermeasures. The results of these research activities are provided to customers using the threat information analysis report, and are utilized to prevent, detect, and analyze the intelligent threat by reflecting in the big data-monitoring platform “Secudium”. It serves as a momentum for the SK infosec's business strategy designed to restructure its business model, from monitoring business based on manpower to intelligent and automated Secudium.
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