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Cyber countermeasures continue to evolve, but so do the technologies that threaten their integrity. Cyber threats are getting sophisticated. To confront this reality, response systems must become “intelligent”.
In fact, to cope effectively with such a threatening environment, businesses should collect, analyze and share information on cyber threats in real time through diverse channels so that they can take preemptive actions even against threats about which they are not yet aware.
Threat intelligence service is a knowledge-based service that provides tactics, techniques, procedures, and other relevant information based on precise data to generate effective cyber threat responses to unknown threats.
Secudium Intelligence identifies threats based on the large volume of data collected through SIEM and security solutions, provides swift responses to threats by utilizing in-depth threat analysis. As Korea’s best MSSP, we provides optimized security insight for the customer environment with proven management know-how, threat analysis, and impressive response capacities through its global security expert team (EQST).


Securing databases with global competitiveness

Database Equipped with Global Competitiveness

  • Secured global competitiveness by joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) for the first time in Asia
  • Acquired the latest information on a variety of malicious codes at home and abroad (collection and analysis of information that threatens the integrity of over 1,800 websites)
  • Developed its own malware collector
The best experts in the security industry

The Best Experts in The Security Industry

  • Global experts in security management, the EQST provides support for security breach incidents
  • Has proven know-how for major security breach incidents occurring in Korea
  • Provides information on millions of domestic and international security issues, analyzed by the EQST
automated and diversified DB analysis

Automated and Diversified DB Analysis

  • Similarity analysis and IOC indicator generation of data deemed as malicious
  • Enabling prediction of threat patterns and prognosis by analyzing specific users/behaviors
  • Real-time analysis via API-specific, linked devices
Improved Managed Security service quality

Improved Managed Security Service Quality

  • Increased accuracy of MSS
  • Customized security report for clients
  • Customizable dashboard that caters to the needs of various users such as IT managers / security managers
  • SK infosec develops the threat intelligence market in full scale... Released the Secudium Intelligen
  • SK infosec announced on the 5th that it launched a threat intelligence service, which provides optimal threat analysis information to respond to the intelligent cyber-attacks. SK infosec also announced its service brand name “Secudium Intelligence”. Secudium Intelligence collects and analyzes various data that are suspected to be used for hacking such as the malicious IP, URL, and file hash, from various sources such as the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), security systems, web crawlers, and SNS. The analysis result value is used to identify an attacker after the profiling process, which analyzes the connection with the threat information data that already has been confirmed as an attack, and provide a corresponding strategy. SK infosec explained that it had the effect of finding and removing malicious codes, which were not detected by existing security systems, by applying Secudium Intelligence to some customers by way of example. SK infosec will not stop increasing the threat detection rate. Instead, it will provide a comprehensive response service against intelligent attacks such as analyzing the impact of such attacks and removing vulnerabilities through its security expert group “EQST”. SK infosec made every effort to improve service quality when it released the Secudium Intelligence service. SK infosec publishes customized reports covering the response guide to major attacks on a regular basis, and operates the Secudium Intelligence portal for customers to check threat information and take action with ease.
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  • SK infosec joined Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) first among security companies in Asia
  • SK infosec announced on the 14th that it has joined the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), which was founded mainly by global private security companies to fight against cyber-attacks. SK infosec is the first Asian security company that joined the CTA. The domestic security company besides existing CTA members, “SK infosec” became the 12th member of the CTA, where distinguished global security companies were on a waiting list to become a member. The privilege and role of CTA members are divided according to three grades - founder member, affiliate member, and contributing member. SK infosec signed up as an affiliate member and can participate in major CTA committees. CTA members, including SK infosec, are required to share a certain amount of security threat information every day. The threat information shared among members such as the APT attack and advanced malware is collected by the open source based cloud collaboration platform (CTA platform) and shared automatically in real time. Each member fights against cyber-attacks using this information. SK infosec said it will strengthen its threat intelligence by sharing the threat information and collaborating with the CTA. To this end, SK infosec will promote the organization dedicated for threat information analysis and response to a division level, and improve the standard of response to threats by linking with their monitoring platform “Secudium”. In addition, SK infosec plans to seek for a solution to enter the global market through these activities.
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